What do you do when there is no one to talk to who “gets” you?  When you’re feeling alone and abandoned by the church because they think you’re crazy…  Having next age experiences with God, but don’t know how to unpack them because you have no one to bounce ideas off?  Ruthie has some answers.

This is critical when you’re bringing heaven down into your business, and operating it from the spirit realm.  It’s SO much more than “praying over it”!  If you want to join the SCB Activation group, where we go into the heavenlies for strategy, wisdom, resources, Divine guidance, and help, let’s have a conversation!  https://bralynn.appointlet.com/s/discovery

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– CIA roots of “conspiracy theorist” shaming
– Psy-Op = Psychological Operation, i.e. the current Mask mind control
– Ashley Flowers “The Presidents” series re: JFK
– Corruption in the financial system (the Fed)
– Breaking rank with the bloodlines to clean up the deep state
– Walking a new & different road, training regimen
– Doing Father’s business with no community
– Pressure and energy expenditure of forerunning
– Forerunners in the Bible
– Key turning points were done alone
– Motivation by fear is not Biblical
– Bullying
– Discerning and testing spiritual experiences
– Witches lay traps for prophets!  Beware!
– Accountability
– Online portals and outlets
– Use finances & time to meet face to face
– Long term communal living options
– Major shift in the world right now
– Clear division of who’s on God’s side & who’s on the other
– Strength of community, combined resources
– We’re meant to tag-team
Red Dawn movie from the 80’s – zone to live/trade free
– SCB episode #29 with Ruthie’s husband Sam Andrews
– Plant seeds with those you have a voice with
– Mentor those willing to walk with you
– Pray against evil agendas and pray into Kingdom agendas
– Push vaccine timeline back
– Push back on conspiracy “theory” because there is factual evidence now.
– Step into control centers and be willing to make decisions.

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SCB Podcast #29: Our Constitution & Duty to Confront Evil – Sam Andrews

Ruthie Andrews has a masters degree from Denver Seminary in Counseling Licensure, and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Wyoming.

She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri and Wyoming. Ruthie has provided clinical counseling services in the mental health and substance abuse fields for over 20 years. She is a former director of a residential inpatient treatment center, as well as former clinical director of several substance abuse outpatient treatment settings. Ruthie is an educator and trainer on the neurology of change, the neurochemistry of addiction and trauma, and the spiritual dynamics behind these processes.

Ruthie’s practice, Kyrie Coaching, formerly Kyrie Counseling, is dedicated to treating individuals with various complex trauma needs with tremendous results. Ruthie’s bold and innovative approach pushes past traditional counseling into a new coaching paradigm that moves a person more quickly into healing and deeper freedom. Ruthie dynamically addresses all aspects of the body, soul and spirit and encounters spiritual warfare and healing prayer for deep restoration. Ruthie is a recurring guest on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval and Kingdom Talks with Gil Hodges, and Spirit-Centered Business with Bralynn Newby.