Ruthie recently stirred up quite the conversation when she posted that God’s not in control  Find out why!

We also discussed decision making and authority, and how our business depends on understanding these principles.  And…what’s a conversation with Ruthie without a little talk about the roots of our issues…bloodline curses and selling our birthrights.

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– Having a fatalistic mindset
– Saying. “God must want it this way.”
– Taking back the reins of control
– Knowing your authority & not doubting
– Bloodline curses at the root of physical issues
– Tower of Babel blood
– Buy, sell, trade in iniquity
– Perfect patterns & perfect design
– Layers/iterations of curses
– Chaos theory and trigonometry
– Gematria & numerology curses
– Saturn’s cube
– Babylonian power structures
– Selling off the family line: Time, Money, Energy, Resources
– Ancestors know what your inheritance is
– Loss of spiritual understanding over the generations
– Amanda Buys of Kanaan Ministries
– Flipped, inverted, and vortexed curses
– Sowing blessing and resources into your future bloodline
– Cleansing the seed
– How many seeds in our life have been altered
– Genetic info held in seeds and passed down
– Vortexing a curse
– Intel coming from a demonic entity or a witch, etc.
– Myth of “The Lord knows my heart.”
– Webbing or tunnel systems in curses
– Ancestors tricked and manipulated, as well as evil
– Nephilim influence
– Flowing Holy Spirit in your temple
– “Game of Thrones” vying for your territory and authority
– Erasing your Father imprint
– Medications, GMO, non-organic, refined white sugar
– Giving imprint to another power source
– DNA, RNA & chromosomes
– Blessing in making a decision, activation
– Holy Spirit is interested in seeing what you’re going to do.
– God gave you a massive powerhouse decision maker – use it!

1. Once and done may not cut it when it comes to breaking off bloodline curses.  You may have to dig for intel and break it off layer by layer – even to 30 or 50 layers because the curse goes down that far.

2. Constantly ask questions to get intel on what curses to break off.  Where did we leave off?  What needs to happen next?  How far did we get?  What’s happening now?  What do you see?  What is your level of understanding?  What happened when we worked on the last piece?  And so on…

3. Cover what your ancestors rec’d from trading the blood, and pieces of your inheritance with the blood of Yeshua.  Call it back in times seven!

4. You’ve GOT to get to the level of specificity to cleanse the seed.  You can’t expect God to do it for you.  YOU have to do it.  Be bold, get in the driver’s seat, and do it.

5. Regarding “God is in control,” we need to break alignment, and repent for coming into agreement with the ideology and belief system and acting on that belief.  Ask for forgiveness and serve it a bill of divorce.  Make an agreement that you are going to activate and make alignment instead with your destiny scroll and assignment.  Partner with Yeshua in making the decision.  When you progress forward you’re demonstrating that you’re acting in faith.

– The blessing is in the decision; the blessing is in making the choice.
– One of the most beautiful gifts you can give your grandchildren is a clean bloodline. ~ Amanda Buys
– You have to get all the way down to the meat of the curse that needs to be cleared, and not just circle the drain.
– Don’t lie to yourself and say that God wanted it this way when you can’t get rid of a curse pattern in your life.  No, he doesn’t.  He wants you to do the work and get that thing cleared!
– Tell them to decide.  Tell them to activate.  Tell them to make the decision.  ~ Holy Spirit
– We just need to trust that God trusts us.


Ruthie Andrews has a masters degree from Denver Seminary in Counseling Licensure, and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Wyoming.

She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri and Wyoming. Ruthie has provided clinical counseling services in the mental health and substance abuse fields for over 20 years. She is a former director of a residential inpatient treatment center, as well as former clinical director of several substance abuse outpatient treatment settings. Ruthie is an educator and trainer on the neurology of change, the neurochemistry of addiction and trauma, and the spiritual dynamics behind these processes.

Ruthie’s practice, Kyrie Coaching, formerly Kyrie Counseling, is dedicated to treating individuals with various complex trauma needs with tremendous results. Ruthie’s bold and innovative approach pushes past traditional counseling into a new coaching paradigm that moves a person more quickly into healing and deeper freedom. Ruthie dynamically addresses all aspects of the body, soul and spirit and encounters spiritual warfare and healing prayer for deep restoration. Ruthie is a recurring guest on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval and Kingdom Talks with Gil Hodges, and Spirit-Centered Business with Bralynn Newby.